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Zaanannimmovings; a person asleep
Zabaddowry; endowed
Zabdidowry; endowed
Zaccaipure meat; just
Zaccheuspure; clean; just
Zaccurof the male kind; mindful
Zachariahmemory of the Lord
Zadokjust; justified
Zahamcrime; filthiness; impurity
Zairlittle; afflicted; in tribulation
Zalaphshadow; ringing; shaking
Zalmonhis shade; his image
Zalmonahthe shade; the sound of the number; his image
Zalmunnashadow; image; idol forbidden
Zamzummimsprojects of crimes; enormous crimes
Zanoahforgetfulness; desertion
Zaphnath-paaneahone who discovers hidden things
Zaraheast; brightness
Zareahleprosy; hornet
Zaredstrange descent
Zarephathambush of the mouth
Zaretantribulation; perplexity
Zatthuolive tree
Zazabelonging to all
Zebadiahportion of the Lord; the Lord is my portion
Zebahvictim; sacrifice
Zebedeeabundant; portion
Zebinaflowing now; selling; buying
Zeboiimdeer; goats
Zebudahendowed; endowing
Zebula habitation
ZebulunZebulon, dwelling; habitation
Zechariahmemory of the Lord
Zedadhis side; his hunting
Zedekiahthe Lord is my justice; the justice of the Lord
Zelahrib; side; halting
Zelekthe shadow or noise of him that licks or laps
Zelophehadthe shade or tingling of fear
Zemaraimwool; pith
Zemirasong; vine; palm
Zenancoldness; target; weapon
Zephaniahthe Lord is my secret
Zephathwhich beholds; that attends or that covers
ZephoZephon, that sees and observes; that expects or covers
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