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Dabarehthe word; the thing; a bee; obedient
Dabbashethflowing with honey
Daberaththe word; the thing; a bee; obedient
Dagoncorn; a fish
Dalaiahthe poor of the Lord
Dalmanuthaa bucket; a branch
Dalmatiadeceitful lamps; vain brightness
Dalphonthe house of caves
Damarisa little woman
Damascusa sack full of blood; the similitude of burning
Danjudgment; he that judges
Danieljudgment of God; God my judge
Darahgeneration; house of the shepherd or of the companion
Dardahome of knowledge
Dariushe that informs himself
Darkonof generation; of possession
Dathanlaws or rites
Davidwell-beloved, dear
Debiran orator; a word
Deborahword; thing; a bee
Decapoliscontaining ten cities
Dedantheir breasts; friendship; a judge
Dedanimthe descendants of Dedan
Delaiahthe poor of the Lord
Delilahpoor; small; head of hair
Demetriusbelonging to corn, or to Ceres
Derbea sting
Deuelthe knowledge of God
Deuteronomyrepetition of the law
Dianaluminous, perfect
Diblaimcluster of figs
Diblathpaste of dry figs
Dibonabundance of knowledge
Dibon-gadgreat understanding; abundance of sons
Dibrian orator
DibzahabDizahab, where much gold is
Didymusa twin; double
DiklahDildah, his diminishing
Dileanthat is poor
Dimonwhere it is red
Dinahjudgment; who judges
Dinhabahhe gives judgment
Dionysiusdivinely touched
Diotrephesnourished by Jupiter
Dishana threshing
Dishonfatness; ashes
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