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Gaalcontempt; abomination
Gaashtempest; commotion
Gabbaithe back
Gabbathahigh; elevated
GabrielGod is my strength
Gada band; a troop
Gadarenesmen of Gadara, i.e., a place surrounded or walled
Gaddimy troop; a kid
Gaddielgoat of God; the Lord my happiness
Gaiuslord; an earthly man
Galala roll, a wheel
Galatiawhite; the color of milk
Galeedthe heap of witness
Galileewheel; revolution
Gallimwho heap up; who cover
Galliowho sucks, or lives on milk
Gamalielrecompense of God; camel of God
Gamula recompense
Gareba scab
Garmitesmen of Garmi, ie., bones, or, my cause
Gatamtheir lowing; their touch
Gatha wine-press
Gath-rimmonthe high wine-press
Gazastrong; a goat
Gazabara treasurer
Gazera dividing; a sentence
Gazeza passing over
Gazzamthe fleece of them
Gebaa hill; cup
Gebalbound; limit
Gebermanly, strong
Gebimgrasshoppers; height
GedaliahGod is my greatness
GederGederah, Gederoth, a wall
Gehazivalley of sight
Gelilothrolling, wheel, heap
Gemalliwares; a camel
Gemariahaccomplishment or perfection of the Lord
Gennesaretgarden of the prince
Genubaththeft; robbery
Gerapilgrimage, combat; dispute
Gerarpilgrimage, combat; dispute
Gergesenesthose who come from pilgrimage or fight
Gerizimcutters, hatchets
Gershoma stranger here
Gershonhis banishment; the change of pilgrimage
GeshurGeshuri, sight of the valley; a walled valley
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