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Haahashtaria runner
Habaiahthe hiding of the Lord
Habakkukhe that embraces; a wrestler
Habazinaiaha hiding of the shield of the Lord
Habora partaker; a companion
Hachaliahwho waits for the Lord
Hachilahmy hope is in her
Hachmonia wise man
Hadadjoy; noise; clamor
Hadadezerbeauty of assistance
Hadadrimmoninvocation to the god Rimmon
Hadarpower; greatness
Hadarezerbeauty of assistance
Hadashahnews; a month
Hadassaha myrtle; joy
Hadidrejoicing; sharp
Hadlailoitering; hindering
Hadoramtheir beauty; their power
Hadrachpoint; joy of tenderness
HagabHagabah, a grasshopper
Hagara stranger; one that fears
Haggaifeast; solemnity
HaggeriHaggi, a stranger
Haggiahthe Lord's feast
Hakkoza thorn; summer; an end
Hakuphaa commandment of the mouth
Halaha moist table
Halhulgrief; looking for grief
Halisickness; a beginning; a precious stone
Hallelujahpraise the Lord
Halloeshsaying nothing; an enchanter
Hamhot; heat; brown
Hamannoise; tumult
Hamathanger; heat; a wall
Hamath-zobahthe heat, or the wall, of an army
Hammedathahe that troubles the law
Hammelecha king; a counselor
Hammonheat; the sun
Hamonahhis multitude; his uproar
Hamon-gogthe multitude of Gog
Hamoran ass; clay; dirt
Hamulgodly; merciful
Hamutalthe shadow of his heat
Hanameelthe grace that comes from God; gift of God
Hananfull of grace
Hananeelgrace, or gift, of God
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