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Kabzeelthe congregation of God
Kadesh-barneaholiness of an inconstant son
KadmielGod of antiquity; God of rising
Kadmonitesancients; chiefs
Kallailight; resting by fire; my voice
Kanahof reeds
Kareahbald; ice
Karkaafloor; dissolving coldness
Karkorthey rested
Kartahcalling; meeting
Kedarblackness; sorrow
Kedemahoriental; ancient; first
Kedemothantiquity; old age
Kehelahatha whole; a congregation
Keiiahshe that divides or cuts
Kelaiahvoice of the Lord; gathering together
Kelitahvoice of the Lord; gathering together
KemuelGod hath raised up, or established him
Kenahbuying; possession
Kenanbuyer; owner
Kenazthis purchase; this lamentation
Kenitespossession; purchase; lamentation
Kenizzitespossession; purchase
Keren-happuchthe horn or child of beauty
Kerioththe cities; the callings
Keroscrooked; crookedness
Keturahthat makes the incense to fume
Keziasuperficies; the angle; cassia
Kezizend; extremity
Kibroth-hattaavahthe graves of lust
Kidronobscure; making black or sad
Kinahbuying; possession
Kira city; wall; meeting
KirharasethKirharesh, city of the sun; wall of burnt brick
Kirioththe cities; the callings
Kirjathcity; vocation; meeting
Kirjathaimthe two cities; callings; or meetings
Kirjath-arbacity of four; fourth city
Kirjath-arimcity of those who watch
Kirjath-baalcity of Baal, or of a ruler
Kirjath-huzothcity of streets; populous city
Kirjath-jearimcity of woods
Kirjath-sannahcity of enmity, or of a blackberry bush
Kirjath-sephercity of letters, or of the book
Kishhard; difficult; straw; for age
Kishihardness; his gravity; his offense
Kishionhardness; soreness
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