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Laadahto assemble together; to testify; passing over
Laadanfor pleasure; devouring; judgment
Labanwhite; shining; gentle; brittle
Labanathe moon; whiteness; frankincense
Lachishwho walks, or exists, of himself
Laelto God; to the mighty
Lahadpraising; to confess
Lahairoiwho liveth and seeth me
Lahmamtheir bread; their war
Lahmimy bread; my war
Laisha lion
Lamechpoor; made low
Laodiceajust people
Lapidothenlightened; lamps
Laseathick; wise
Lashahto call; to anoint
Lazarusassistance of God
Leahweary; tired
Lebanonwhite, incense
Lebbeusa man of heart; praising; confessing
Lebonahthe moon; whiteness; frankincense
Lehabimflames; inflamed; swords
Lekahwalking; going
LemuelGod with them, or him
Leshema name; putting; a precious stone
Letushimhammermen; filemen
Leummimcountries; without water
Leviassociated with him
Libnahwhite; whiteness
Libniwhite; whiteness
Libyathe heart of the sea; fat
Lo-amminot my people
Lodnativity; generation
Lo-ruhamahnot having obtained mercy; not pitied
LotLotan, wrapt up; hidden; covered; myrrh; rosin
Lubinheart of a man; heart of the sea
LucasLucius, luminous; white
Luciferbringing light
LudLudim, same as Lod
Luhithmade of boards
Lukeluminous; white
Luzseparation; departure; an almond
LyddaLydia, a standing pool
Lysaniasthat drives away sorrow
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