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Ebalancient heaps
Ebeda servant; laborer
Ebed-melechthe king's servant
Eben-ezerthe stone of help
Eberone that passes; anger
Ebiasapha father that gathers or adds
Ebronahpassage over; being angry
Ecclesiastesa preacher
Edenpleasure; delight
Edera flock
Edomred, earthy; of blood
Edreia very great mass, or cloud
Eglahheifer; chariot; round
Eglaimdrops of the sea
Eglonheifer; chariot; round
Egyptthat troubles or oppresses; anguish
Ehudhe that praises
Ekerbarren, feeble
Ekronbarrenness; torn away
Eladahthe eternity of God
Elahan oak; a curse; perjury
Elama young man; a virgin; a secret
Elasahthe doings of God
Elatha hind; strength; an oak
El-beth-elthe God of Bethel
Eldaahknowledge of God
Eldadfavored of God; love of God
Eleadwitness of God
Elealehburnt-offering of God
Eleazarhelp of God, court of God
El-elohe-IsraelGod, the God of Israel
Elhanangrace, or gift, or mercy of God
Elithe offering or lifting up
EliEli, my God, my God
EliabGod is my father; God is the father
Eliadaknowledge of God
EliahGod the Lord
Eliahbamy God the Father
Eliakimresurrection of God
Eliamthe people of God
EliasGod the Lord, the strong Lord
Eliasaphthe Lord increaseth
Eliashibthe God of conversion
Eliathahthou art my God
Elidadbeloved of God
ElielGod, my God
Elienaithe God of my eyes
Eliezerhelp, or court, of my God
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