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Raamahgreatness; thunder; some sort of evil
Raamiahthunder, or evil, from the Lord
Rabbahgreat; powerful; contentious
RabbiRabboni, my master
Rabmagwho overthrows or destroys a multitude
Rab-sarischief of the eunuchs
Rab-shakehcup-bearer of the prince
Racaworthless; good-for-nothing
Rachabproud; quarrelsome (applied to Egypt)
Rachalto whisper; an embalmer
Raddairuling; coming down
Ragaufriend; shepherd
Raguelshepherd, or friend of God
Rahabproud; quarrelsome (applied to Egypt)
Rahablarge; extended (name of a woman)
Rahamcompassion; a friend
Rakkathempty; temple of the head
Rakkonvain; void; mountain of enjoyment
Ramelevated; sublime
Ramahelevated; sublime
RamathRamatha, raised; lofty
Ramathaim-zophimthe two watch-towers
Ramath-lehielevation of the jaw-bone
Ramath-mizpehelevation of the watch-tower
Ramiahexaltation of the Lord
Ramotheminences; high places
RaphahRaphu, relaxation; physic; comfort
Reaiahvision of the Lord
Rebathe fourth; a square; that lies or stoops down
Rebekahfat; fattened; a quarrel appeased
Rechabsquare; chariot with team of four horses
Reelaiahshepherd or companion to the Lord
Regemthat stones or is stoned; purple
Regemmelechhe that stones the king; purple of the king
Rehabiahbreadth, or extent, of the Lord
Rehobbreadth; space; extent
Rehoboamwho sets the people at liberty
Rehobothspaces; places
Rehummerciful; compassionate
Reimy shepherd; my companion; my friend
Rekemvain pictures; divers picture
Remaliahthe exaltation of the Lord
Remmongreatness; elevation; a pomegranate-tree
Remphanprepared; arrayed
Rephaelthe physic or medicine of God
Rephaiahmedicine or refreshment of the Lord
Rehpaimgiants; physicians; relaxed
Rephidimbeds; places of rest
Resena bridle or bit
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