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Naamfair; pleasant
NaamahNaaman, beautiful; agreeable
NaarahNaarai, young person
Naashonthat foretells; that conjectures
Nabalfool; senseless
Nabothwords; prophecies
Nachonready; sure
Nachorhoarse; dry; hot
Nadabfree and voluntary gift; prince
Naggeclearness; brightness; light
Nahalielinheritance; valley of God
Nahallalpraised; bright
NahamNahamani, comforter; leader
Naharaimy nostrils; hot; anger
Nahashsnake; serpent
Nahathrest; a leader
Nahbivery secret
Nahorhoarse; dry; hot
Nahshonthat foretells; that conjectures
Nahumcomforter; penitent
Nainbeauty; pleasantness
Naiothbeauties; habitations
Naomibeautiful; agreeable
Naphishthe soul; he that rests, refreshes himself, or respires
Naphtalithat struggles or fights
Narcissusastonishment; stupidity
Nasonhelper; entry-way
Nathangiven; giving; rewarded
Nathanaelthe gift of God
Nathan-melechthe gift of the king, or of counsel
Naumcomforter; penitent
Nazarethseparated; crowned; sanctified
Nazariteone chosen or set apart
Neahmoved; moving
Neapolisthe new city
Neariahchild of the Lord
Nebaibudding; speaking; prophesying
Nebaiothwords; prophecies; buds
Neballatprophecy; budding
Nebatthat beholds
Nebothat speaks or prophesies
NebuchadnezzarNebuchadrezzar, tears and groans of judgment
Nebushasi_hahbanspeech; prophecy; springing; flowing
Nebuzar-adanfruits or prophecies of judgment
Necholame; beaten
Nedabiahprince or vow of the Lord
Neginothstringed instruments
Nehelamitedreamer; vale; brook
Nehemiahconsolation; repentance of the Lord
Nehumcomforter; penitent
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