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Ucalpower, prevalency
Ueldesiring God
Ulaistrength; fool; senseless
Ulamthe porch; the court; their strength; their folly
Ullaelevation; leaf; young child
Ummahdarkened; covered; his people
Unnipoor; afflicted; that answers
Uphazpure gold; gold of Phasis or Pison
Urfire, light, a valley
Urimy light, my fire
Uriahor Urijah, the Lord is my light or fire
Urielor Urijah, the Lord is my light or fire
Urimlights; fires
Uthaimy iniquity
Uzcounsel; words
Uzzahstrength; goat
Uzzen-sherahear of the flesh
Uzzimy strength; my kid
UzziahUzziel, the strength, or kid, of the Lord
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