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Padan-aramcultivated field or table-land
Padonhis redemption; ox-yoke
Pagielprevention, or prayer, of God
Pahath-Moabruler of Moab
PaiPau, howling; sighing
Palestinawhich is covered; watered; or brings and causes ruin
Pallumarvelous; hidden
Paltideliverance; flight
Paltieldeliverance; or banishment, of God
Pamphyliaa nation made up of every tribe
Paphoswhich boils, or is very hot
Paraha cow; increasing
Paranbeauty; glory; ornament
Parbara suburb
Parmashtaa yearling bull
Parmenasthat abides, or is permanent
Parnacha bull striking, or struck
Parosha flea; the fruit of a moth
Parshandathagiven by prayer
Paruahflourishing; that flies away
Pasachthy broken piece
Pasdamminportion or diminishing of blood
Paseahpassing over; halting
Pashurthat extends or multiplies the hole; whiteness
Pataratrodden under foot
PathrosPathrusim, mouthful of dough; persuasion of ruin
Patrobaspaternal; that pursues the steps of his father
PauPau, howling; sighing
Paulsmall; little
Paulussmall; little
Pedahzurstrong or powerful savior; stone of redemption
Pedaiahredemption of the Lord
Pekahhe that opens; that is at liberty
Pekahiahit is the Lord that opens
Pekodnoble; rulers
Pelaiahthe Lord's secret or miracle
Pelaliahentreating the Lord
Pelatiahlet the Lord deliver; deliverance of the Lord
Pelethitesjudges; destroyers
Pelonitefalling; secret
Penielface or vision of God; that sees God
Peninnahpearl; precious stone; the face
Pentapolisfive cities
Pentateuchthe five books of Moses
Penuelface or vision of God; that sees God
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