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SabaothLord of hosts
Sabeanscaptivity; conversion; old age
Sabtaha going about or circuiting; old age
Sabtechahthat surrounds; that causes wounding
Sacarwares; a price
Sadduceesfollowers of Sadoc, or Zadok
Sadocor Zadok, just; righteous
Salahmission; sending
Salamisshaken; test; beaten
Salathielasked or lent of God
Salcahthy basket; thy lifting up
Salemcomplete or perfect peace
Salimfoxes; fists; path
SallaiSallu, an exaltation; a basket
Salmapeace; perfection
Salmonpeaceable; perfect; he that rewards
Salomepeaceable; perfect; he that rewards
Samlahhis raiment; his left hand; his astonishment
Samosfull of gravel
Samothraciaan island possessed by the Samians and Thracians
Samsonhis sun; his service; there the second time
Samuelheard of God; asked of God
Sanballatbramble-bush; enemy in secret
Sanhedrinsitting together
Sansannahbough or bramble of the enemy
Saphrushes; sea-moss
Sapphirathat relates or tells
Sarahlady; princess; princess of the multitude
Saraimy lady; my princess
Sardisprince of joy
Sarditesremoving a dissension
Sareptaa goldsmith's shop
Sargonwho takes away protection
Saridremaining; hand of a prince
Saronhis plain; his song
Sarsechimmaster of the wardrobe
Saruchbranch; layer; lining
Satancontrary; adversary; enemy; accuser
Sauldemanded; lent; ditch; death
Scevadisposed; prepared
Sebaa drunkard; that turns
Sebattwig; scepter; tribe
Secacahshadow; covering; defense
Sechudefense; bough
Segubfortified; raised
SeirSeirath, hairy; goat; demon; tempest
Selaa rock
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