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Cabbonas though understanding
Cabuldispleasing; dirty
Caiphashe that seeks with diligence; one that vomiteth
Cainpossession, or possessed
Cainanpossessor; purchaser
Calahfavorable; opportunity
Caleba dog; a crow; a basket
Caleb-Ephratahsee Ephratah
Calnehour consummation
Calnoour consummation; altogether himself
Calvarythe place of a skull
Camonhis resurrection
Canazeal; jealousy; possession
Canaanmerchant; trader; or that humbles and subdues
Candacewho possesses contrition
Capernaumthe field of repentance; city of comfort
Caphtora sphere, buckle, or hand
Cappadociathe same as Caphtor
Carcasthe covering of a lamb
Charchemisha lamb; as taken away; withdrawn
Careahbald; ice
Carmelcircumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn
Carmimy vineyard; lamb of the waters
Carpusfruit; fruitful
Carshenaa lamb; sleeping
Casiphiamoney; covetousness
Casluhimhopes of life
Cedronblack; sad
Cenchreamillet; small pulse
Cephasa rock or stone
Cesara name applied to those who are cut out of the womb
Chalcolwho nourishes, consumes, and sustains the whole
Chaldeaas demons, or as robbers
Charrana singing or calling out
Chebarforce or strength
Chedorlaomerroundness of a sheaf
Chelalas night
Cheluba basket
Chelubaihe altogether against me
Chemarimsblack ones
Chemoshhandling; stroking; taking away
Chenaanahbroken in pieces
Chenanimy pillar
Chenaniahpreparation, or disposition, or strength, of the Lord
Chephiraha little lioness
CherethimsCherethites, who cut or tear away
Cherithcutting; piercing; slaying
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